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This place is truly amazing, and is that the Hard Rock Hotel of Punta Cana has the best spa of all time, modern, elegant, luxurious and with all the comforts so that during your stay you enjoy the wonder of  time of relaxation and will find yourself.

Imagine taking a steam bath in the best sauna where you can have good background music and lights that will make you travel while you wait to sweat enough to burn toxins from your body.

It is the ideal place to take a break from the obligations and all the hustle and bustle in which your life has become, and spend time just to indulge and reconnect with your senses, it is an extremely efficient therapy to recharge batteries and have a new air of youth and happiness, you will leave as new from this magical place.

The RockSpa is open every day from noon, so you can enjoy as much as you want of your relaxation time, taking a refreshing dip in the majestic indoor pool that has the spa, receiving one of the delicious massages or, just relaxing and consenting your body with ambient music and the best attention.

In this place you will get away from the fun, the noise and the electricity that propitiates the place in essence, because the Hard Rock Hotel of Punta is pure fun where you look at it, with laughs, noise, dancing, music … therefore, thinking Always in the comfort of our special guests, an ideal site has been created for you to enter your tranquility.

During your days of stay you can put together a plan to enjoy everything that the Hard Rock Hotel of Punta Cana has for you, enjoying all the week of the most incredible fun and leaving Sunday to completely relax and live the RockSpa experience fully .

You will not have visited a spa like this, its charm and tranquility will catch you in a way that you will not want to do anything else when you enter there, with an excellent service staff that will delight you with the best attention, and of course, massage therapists that will make you travel through space while consenting your body with pleasant caresses and the best natural oils.

An ideal plan? Masajito, good music, excellent service, a steam bath and a refreshing pool bath.

Your body and soul will thank you, come to RockSpa and live the best relaxing experience of your life.