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It is important that we always take the time to talk about those foods that are natural and healthy, because they are the ones that do our body good.
Orlando Jose Veloso, reminds us of a well-known saying that tells us that we are what we eat, and this is very true, we are what we eat and what we take care of, because as we are inside it is the clear reflection of how we see ourselves as Outside, so, starting to take care of yourself can be an important step to see you and feel much better.
For this, the intake of natural and healthy food is the best option, nothing has to be compared with the fact that our body receives the necessary nutrients to look and feel great, it is a love that we make ourselves, in a nutshell, a true show of love.
Orlando Veloso, is aware that many times we do not know what those natural and healthy foods are, and although the reflection of vegetables comes at once to our head, the truth is that they are not the only ones, so, in this space We will give ourselves the task of commenting on some of the foods that we should consume for our own good.
Let's start with granola, which is a dry fruit that provides us with a diet rich in fiber by having the mixture of a series of cereals such as oats and different wheat bran, essential to give our body a good amount of vitamins, essential nutrients and minerals for the proper maintenance of our body.
We also find peanuts, which is a food rich in antioxidants that help protect our body from diseases such as cancer, in addition to having high levels of monounsaturated proteins and fat that help reduce blood cholesterol.
And for its part, within this group of natural and healthy foods, we have to meet with soy, which although for many it is not, it is one of the foods richest in nutritional and therapeutic properties, all this by having proteins of High quality that can completely supplant the meat, with the presence in our body through its intake of fatty acids, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Another of the foods to be consumed to keep us healthy is pasta, since consumed in the indicated way, without fat or any of those artificial things, it is a food that gives our body extra energy, it is easy to digest and assimilate, recommended for athletes for not providing fat and offering 10% protein to the body.
Simply put, although many make the mistake of believing otherwise, pasta is a food that helps in health by containing a good number of properties necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
And like these, other foods that we do not know for not giving us the task of talking about natural and healthy foods that are essential for our good maintenance – summarizes Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.