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Let's talk about the benefits of bananas that are extremely indispensable for the daily intake of each person.
Orlando Jose Veloso, tells us that banana is one of the most consumed fruits by mankind since its flavor is delicious and sweet.
It has to provide our body with multiple benefits that help maintain a healthy and proportional diet for caloric expenditure that we usually have as human beings.
So, within the benefits it provides we can find:

  • That is a nutrient-rich fruit: because it contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, in addition to having a high level of fiber, in addition to that it also contains potassium that is an ideal mineral to control tension and prevent fluid retention.
  • It is an antioxidant: it has a series of powerful and effective antioxidants to fight free radicals in our body, avoiding oxidative stress that helps prevent various diseases and cell aging.
  • A digestive food: having large amounts of fiber, bananas are an excellent food to help digestion and improve digestive and stomach problems.
  • It has a high content of vitamin C: it is important to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds or heart disease.

The intake of this fruit can be added to any preparation made in the kitchen, from a pancake mix to a banana cake or a delicious meringue.
In what we must be careful, is that being such a sweet fruit, we must take care of the sugar levels with which we will accompany it, and this means that we can not consume it in excess because it would produce an increase in our body's sugar level – explains Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
People with diabetes cannot consume this fruit, or if it does, it should be very moderate. But otherwise, it is a fruit with excellent potential in terms of the well-being of our body.
The benefits of bananas are multiple, and incorporating it in a casual way into our diet to help us control our levels and agree well on health.
Orlando Veloso, tells us that eating bananas in our day, is a way to begin to feel love for healthy food, because banana is one of the most delicious fruits that exists and that combines almost with any type of dish that we prepare.
Therefore, it is extremely easy to incorporate it into our diet in a constant way, in addition to being a fruit that will help us stay in good energy and with encouragement all day.
It is therefore that when we go to the gym, the first food that we see that people carry with them is the banana, easy, practical and that provides the necessary nutrients to be able to exercise without hesitation.
Reason why, for this and many other things, the benefits of bananas are indispensable for the maintenance of the human body in truly optimal conditions.

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