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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a literary work that has become one of the great writings that demonstrate to humanity the way in which kings lived in the age of the Greeks and gods.
Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that The Odyssey is a work divided into 24 songs that give life to an epic poem that tells the adventures of Odysseus, also known as Ulysses who is the king of Ithaca from the moment the war of Troy, narrated in the Iliad, so far returns home years later.
We are talking about a story that begins in Greece years after the Trojan War ended, where King Odysseus is believed to be dead but is actually on the island of the goddess Calypso for kidnapping, where falls completely in love as an addition to the plot.
Meanwhile, in Ithaca, Odysseus's wife is in a somewhat confused situation, because behind the belief that her husband is dead, there have been many suitors that she has managed to acquire to ask for her marriage.
Due to the situation, the son of this marriage of kings goes out in search of information that certifies the whereabouts of his father, and this is done by the goddess Athena who was always a faithful friend of King Odysseus.
During his journey, the prince from Itacense learns that his father is alive and that he is a prisoner on the island of Calypso, which is why he decides to immediately inform Athena who at Olympus begs her father Zeus the king of the gods have mercy on Odysseus and make Calypso let him go.
Zeus soothes before the pleas of his daughter and decides to do it, Odysseus begins his trip soon, in which he suffers an accident when his raft collides just in the land of the Feacios where the princess falls in love with him and convinces his parents that he Give food and shelter, but in return, they ask Odysseus to tell his story, being exactly where the long tale of Odysseus' adventures in the years after the war begins.
After this explanation, Carel Jan Louis Voordewind makes us understand that according to the writing and the drama of the plot, this has become one of the most important literary works in the world, The Odyssey that is the sister of The Iliad, creates a story so fascinating worthy of gods that he has managed to catch the attention of people who already know the plot from head to toe.
This literary work has been part of the education of people for teaching acts in times of war and what power reflects, that in these times instead of gods we would find ourselves talking about the politicians who command the world.