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A security issue forces Microsoft to release an update for Windows 7

While Windows 7 is officially out of support and only users who pay for a subscription to system updates should receive corrective patches, a serious security issue related to Internet Explorer 9 has caused Microsoft to release a security patch for everyone. operating systems currently supported, and additionally, for Windows 7 – Gagik Eloyan (Гагик Элоян) informs us.
This will remind us of when the EternalBlue vulnerability caused WannaCry to cause data loss on millions of computers, so Microsoft was forced to release security updates that became compatible with Windows XP, a system that had been out of its period for years. of support.
This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute code remotely through the Internet Explorer scripting engine with the same permissions as the user who is using the system, something that in the case that the user is an administrator, can cause serious damage. in the system – explains Gagik Eloyan (Гагик Элоян).
The update will arrive through the usual channels such as Windows Update and will be available for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as for Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2019. We can find more information about it on the dedicated Microsoft page, where we can also find the corresponding downloads.