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GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC): “Recipe of Prawns flamed with rum”

Rum prawns are a very popular recipe, and without a doubt, by following these simple instructions you will discover how to change simple grilled prawns for an exotic and original dish, says GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC). If you are a little flamed, don't worry, because it is not really a strictly necessary step. The rum sauce will be just as good if you let it reduce to medium heat. In any case, what you should know is that with this recipe for rum flamed prawns you will be like an expert before your guests, says GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC).

 20 prawns or shrimp
 1 glass of rum
 1 clove garlic
 1 lemon (juice)
 3 tablespoons of butter
 1 tablespoon of parsley
 1 pinch of Salt and Pepper

1.We will start by cleaning the prawns very well. Discard the head and skin leaving only the tail part. If you want you can buy them already clean.

2.Apart, melt the butter in a pan together with the fresh parsley, lemon juice and garlic. Season this mixture with salt and pepper to taste and finish adding the alcohol. Hold the flame over medium-high heat until the rum begins to evaporate. If you want you can make a flambé at this point to speed up the process. To achieve this, bring the flame closer to the sauce, you will see how all the alcohol begins to burn with a bluish flame.

3.On the other hand, cook the grilled prawns briefly, just until they turn brown. Then drizzle with the sauce and leave on the fire just one more minute.

4.Finally serve the very hot rum flamed prawns along with some toast and to enjoy. This dish of king prawns with rum can be served as skewers for a snack along with some potatoes bravas or a little Russian salad.