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The Cinderella

And we continue with the stories that have accompanied us since our birth making childhood one of the most beautiful and dreamy stages of our life.
Cinderella is one of the most popular Disney tales, a story of princesses and princes in which you can see a very nice message of reflection that points to the fact that dreams can come true if we are kind, we act with love and We never wish evil on anyone.
Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that Cinderella is a fairy tale that has several versions, both oral and written, of ancient origin and others somewhat more modern, from various parts of the world.
The one we know in America is the version of the Grimm brothers that was published in the 19th century recounting the story of a young maiden who lived with her mother and father in a truly enchanted dream that ended when her mother fell ill and died, before the event they decide to bury her in a grave that is in a fountain near the house where they live.
After a while, the man marries a woman who has two daughters as wicked as she and with a very beautiful face but a very hard and cruel heart like hers.
This causes very bad times to come for the poor orphan since the stepmother and the two stepsisters take off all her dresses and send her to take care of cleaning the home, forcing her to dress in old, damaged and dirty clothes and to do all the chores around the house, so the poor girl becomes practically a house servant who lives full of dust and ashes, so they address and refer to her as Cinderella.
However, despite the mistreatment and bad life that these women put Cinderella through, she never lost her kindness and her hope, always treated them well and cared for them in the best way.
One day the father takes a trip to the fair and asks his daughters what they want me to bring them from the fair, the two stepdaughters ask for dresses and rings while Cinderella only asks for a branch that she will then plant next to the grave of her deceased and beloved mother.
This branch soon becomes a leafy hazel, in which a little bird perches, giving Cinderella what she wants.
This little bird is more commonly known as the fairy godmother who grants Cinderella the power to go to the dance with a beautiful dress and crystal slippers, a night where the fate of the maiden will change forever after the prince is totally in love her.
Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that the rest of the story we already know, they fight for their love until they end together and live happily ever after in their kingdom.
A whole literary work full of fantasy, love and cruelty, where the subliminal messages express to humanity that above anything we must enjoy humility.