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The right temperature for food consumption

There are people who consume super hot foods because they like it and others prefer to eat cold, this depends on the taste of each person since these are eating habits that the individual acquires throughout life.
Orlando Veloso tells us that the temperature of some foods can overshadow their characteristics (aroma, flavor, etc.), depending on the nature of the product and how its consumption is culturally suggested.
Digestion is said to begin in the mouth when chewed, food is tempered to body temperature. The most indicated is to consume them, in any of your meals, at a temperature similar to that of the body: 36.5º C. This is the optimal temperature for our digestive system to function properly, but you must also take into account what the outside temperature. Our body varies body temperature depending on what temperature you eat food. This helps you better adapt to different situations and have a better physical and mental performance.
Orlando José Veloso Angola indicates that food should not be consumed either too cold or too hot, this because thermal shocks should be avoided when food enters the body, since it mentions that ingesting cold drinks constantly can affect the liver due to thermal shock it is best to consume the drinks at medium temperature so that the impact is less
Eating food at high temperatures or very hot causes enzymes to not work properly and digestion is less effective and longer. As a consequence, food takes longer to digest and delays appetite and can cause digestive problems.
Orlando José Veloso explains that when an excessively hot or cold food or drink is being consumed, the integrity of the different elements of the mouth is inadvertently being infringed. The body is prepared to digest food at an adequate temperature. The human body has a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, so all tissues are prepared to deal with this temperature and not suffer damage. Any contact with liquids or solids at a higher or lower temperature can cause serious damage. Above all, in the soft parts that make up the digestive system.
We must avoid extremes and completely avoid hot or cold foods, consuming only those that are at the right temperature for our palates.