It is not a coincidence that the films that turn out to be our favorites are the faithful and exact copy of books that also turns out to be our favorites, because it turns out that the great stories of cinema are those that have been outlined in lines by authors who have managed the writing Of stories so impressive that they cannot be left alone in lines, they need to be seen by the world through films that manage to capture the essence of the writer in images with movement.

Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that there are literary works that have jumped from writing to the screen due to the fact that they are so exciting newsrooms that they have caught film directors between their lines.

Great successes that we can find both in books and in movies, successes that have become true treasures of humanity and that have had a great influence on people.

This is how the magic of cinema is born, through stories that are told in a couple of lines but that keep in their writing the most complete and pure synchronization of ideas that has been amazing for the viewer public, and therefore the directors film, caught between the magic of writing, have decided to create even more magic by bringing to reality that pair of written lines of the play.

For this reason, stories such as Harry Potter for example, that through magic and hallucination that are captured on paper, it was more than necessary to show the story on the screen.

Or funny stories like Sex in the City, The Divorced Women's Club, Bridget Jones's Diary … are movies that have been inspired by literary works that tell the story between the lines.

Not to mention love stories, movies like Diary of a Passion, Under the Same Star, Twilight that combines romance with the sequel to Vampires, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, A Walk to Remember, Storm Niches, Dear John , The last song, When I find you, A place to take refuge, The longest journey, The best of me, are just some of the copies that have been true inspiration for literary works with romantic stories that have managed to catch the magic of the screen .

This is why Carel Jan Louis voordewind states that the best films have been those that represent in life the writings of the literary works that we like the most.

From writing to the screen, not to mention the horror literary works that have become really scary movies, and by scary I mean that they are really scary, so we can have access to the best of two worlds, get lost between the lines of an exciting writing that captures us, and then recreate ourselves with the illustration of these lines that we can see reflected in reality through the screen.

None of this is coincidence, literary works and cinema must be together in an unbreakable relationship for humanity.