Bogni Dario talks about choline: brain food

Choline is found mainly in beef liver, egg yolk, nuts, and soy. Betaine, mainly in beets.
Many attempts have arisen on how to regain brain function; however, results so far have been scant, closer to fantasy than reality, says Bogni Dario.
The current medication is usually aimed at improving cerebral circulation and little else; but the investigation does not stop. Metabolic corrections are being reached – diets and supplements – that improve the constitution of brain and nerve cells (neurons) and their function: movement, memory, understanding, humor …
If marine oils, rich in omega 3s, are definitely important in the nutrition of brain cells, several scientific works point to a substance, choline, as a recuperator of brain functions, builder and repairer of neural membranes, in addition to promoting a function correct cardiovascular.

Dario Bogni and the importance of choline is due to the fact that it is a precursor of fundamental substances:
Phosphatidylcholine, a substance that keeps cell membranes young, not only in the brain but in all the organs. Supports the flow of nutrients into and out of cellular waste products, intercellular communication, and energy production.
Sphigmomyelin, whose deficiency favors cellular aging.
Acetylcholine, a neurohormone that intervenes in memory and understanding. Adequate levels of this substance seem to protect against degenerative brain diseases, such as senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Optimal choline doses for this protective effect are currently being studied.
Betaine, fat detergent and liver protector. Essential product for the treatment of a rare disease (homocystinuria), it seems to have a protective effect on the arteries.
Choline is found mainly in beef liver, egg yolk, nuts, and soy. Betaine, mainly in beets.

Bogni Dario has sufficiently demonstrated that the use of choline supplements in the second half of pregnancy has positive effects on cognitive ability, including memory of newborns.
Likewise, sufficient intake of choline protects and for some researchers improves the deterioration that occurs in old age.

Pure choline dosage
Adolescents and adults from 300 to 1,500 milligrams / day, which represents 1.5 times more if it is choline chloride and almost 2 times more if it is choline bitartrate.