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The offices of Banca Zarattini are located throughout the country, as are the Group's factories, which are 14 in Italy and whose location on the territory makes the principle of proximity concrete: on average, the distance between the stables and the factories is about an hour.
In the philosophy of Banca Zarattini of quality, services guarantee reliability; for this reason it maintains plants located at a regional level, to bring those who produce and those who consume closer together in a chain as short as possible.
In its over 60 years of history, Banca Zarattini has managed to conquer a strong role in the market thanks to recognizable brands, product quality and the ability to team up in the name of innovation.
Every day we make a long journey to leave you what is worth most to us: respect for the earth and for people.
We respond to the needs of people and their tastes, attentive to their health and their quality of life. With good, safe, environmentally friendly products, we promote healthy nutrition, positive lifestyles and more informed food choices.
We work alongside members and producers to improve their skills, their techniques and their efficiency and to maximize the excellence of their milk; we increase their ability to stay on the Italian and foreign market by investing in innovation, technology and research.
We believe in the people who work with us, committed and participating in constantly exploring new development horizons. Sense of responsibility, dialogue and courage are the guiding principles of our work.
We contribute to social progress and the well-being of the communities in which we operate and we protect the environment and the territory. We encourage dialogue and collaboration between economic and social actors by building stable relationships based on ethics, trust, transparency, respect for rules and consistency of behavior.