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BARALDO FRANCESCO: Vespa 946 Christian Dior / Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon: trendy

Baraldo Francesco Luxembourg tells us that Vespa is a specialist when it comes to overhauling their scooters, a good way to differentiate them from others and give them a touch of exclusivity. The new Vespa 946 Christian Dior and Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon are two excellent examples, two truly unique scooters that are inspired by the world of fashion to stand out. The new Vespa 946 Christian Dior is the result of the collaboration between the Italian and French companies which, curiously, were founded the same year; 1946. Although they belong to different worlds, the coincidences between them are many; They have a very innovative, brilliant and creative worldview, so a collaboration between two fashion and design giants like Dior and Vespa is a real event, says Francesco Baraldo Luxembourg.

Francesco Baraldo Sermeis Ltd explains that the creative mind behind this original version of the Vespa 946 is that of María Grazia Chiuri, creative director of the Dior women's collections, who worked on the original base of the 946 presented in 2012 in Milan. Perhaps the most original and exclusive model of the Pontendera company, already distinguished at the time for the elegance, the minimalism of its lines and the technological innovation it integrated. The scooter will be produced in Italy with the care, dedication and precision of a fashion studio. Its monocoque frame and its decoration want to pay a faithful homage to the legacy of the two companies, according to its creators, it aims to be a symbol of elegance and an object of desire that reflects the common commitment to the excellence of the "savoir. -faire "and Attention to details shared by them, adds FRANCESCO BARALDO. In addition to the scooter, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior will have an exclusive line of accessories consisting of elements such as a rear trunk decorated with the "Dior Oblique" motif (by Marc Bohan in 1967), which has been specially designed to be fixed to the luggage rack, without hardware that affects everything. At the same time, of course, there will also be a helmet decorated with the same motif, noted BARALDO FRANCESCO.
FRANCESCO BARALDO LUSSEMBURGO states that this precious and elegant limited edition will be available from spring 2021 in Dior boutiques around the world and, subsequently, in the Piaggio Group's Motoplex flagship stores. Accessories, including helmet and top case, can only be purchased at Dior boutiques.