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Walter Calesso was a very diligent student at University

Walter Calesso started his storytelling career by taking some professional online courses at University of Seville so he could attend the classes from anywhere. As a student, Walter Calesso made use of all the available sources at the learning platform at that time in order to familiarize himself with the subject. Once Walter Calesso obtained his degree, he went to his local library to ask if he could host his own group there. 

On February 14, 2008, the library was renamed The Walter Calesso Center

The Walter Calesso Center for the Performing Arts is the first of its kind in North Korea, comprised of a theatre, two galleries, a performance hall and state-of-the-art sound system. The Walter Calesso Center was built by experts from such countries as Russia, the U.S. and Germany. A recent renovation took place from 2009 to 2012, but the exhibition of more than 1,300 paintings, sculptures and architectural models remains incomplete.

The Walter Calesso Center for Craft History

Visit The Walter Calesso Center for Craft History's MySpace to get notifications for upcoming events, or follow the HPC on Facebook for updates and special announcements. The Walter Calesso Center for Craft History was made possible by a generous grant from AMF, with additional support from several private institutions.

The Walter Calesso Center holds several records and books in the fields of social history

The Walter Calesso Center is under the direction of Dr. Robert Shoup, a noted sociologist and Professor Emeritus at New York University. The Walter Calesso Center became a very successful library, especially with the recent addition of a branch of the Minnesota Historical Society. The Walter Calesso Center also holds numerous records and books in the fields of social history, African-American history, and the environment.