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Luigi Brusciano: High-end brands step on the accelerator in the face of the crisis

According to a 2019 Credit Suisse report, only 1% of the world's population holds 45% of total wealth in their hands. And if we bring the focus closer to Spain, during the past decade, the number of millionaires has multiplied almost by six, until it reaches 980,000 people. A figure that rises to 45 million if we consider the entire planet, calculates Luigi Brusciano. So there is a clientele, so the luxury car and supercar brands just have to pitch in. They know that they will end up fishing because if there is an industry that withstands crises better than none, that is the luxury industry, many of whose products become safe havens to invest in, especially if they have a circulation as limited as that of the Lamborghini Sián Cabrio . It is the second launch of the manufacturer this year and its presentation was almost a marketing exercise: only 19 units will be made, which were already assigned an owner when this 819-horsepower model and a new hybrid powertrain saw the light, explains Luigi Brusciano. Each one, with a price of 2.15 million euros, taxes aside.Aston Martin also bets on the maximum exclusivity of the few dozen cars that will make the special Bond 007 series, in honor of the British spy, whose new film, 'No Time To Die' opens in November. Made on the DBS Superleggera and Vantage, they cost 308,000 and 171,000 euros, respectively, and the first units will be delivered in early 2021. They are recognizable by the iconography and gadgets that we have seen so many times in the films of the most famous agent in service. Instead, Maserati executives will say that the more cars they sell of the new MC20, the better. It is a supercar that the trident brand assures that "it is the beginning of a new era" also marked by electrification. In fact, even the MC20 (for Maserati Corse) will feature a battery-powered variant. The conventional one, with only 630 CV, will begin to be sold in the second quarter of 2021. Do you have 260,000 euros left over? Well, then you can choose one of them, says Luigi Brusciano. As for the new Bentley Bentayga V8 or the Rolls-Royce Ghost, we are also talking about superlative cars, although more versatile and earthy. Especially the Bentayga, which was the first SUV in a luxury brand and has received significant improvements in aspects such as connectivity or driving aids. Meanwhile, the front or rear adopt the codes seen in the renovations of the Continental GT and the Flying Spur. Now comes a V8, later the 'plug in' and the high-performance Speed. Its arch enemy, the also British Rolls-Royce, has unveiled the 2021 vintage of its most humble model: the Ghost. It is a saloon that is more than five meters long, to be driven or used with a driver and now built on a completely new platform that houses delicacies such as a predictive suspension that anticipates the irregularities of the asphalt.


Maserati MC20Made of carbon fiber, its V6 engine is no longer from Ferrari but from Maserati itself. For the first time in 20 years. It yields 630 hp, which allows the car to exceed 325 km / h. By the way, the doors are of the 'gull wing' type.


Aston Martin Vantage 007The skis on the roof are a nod to the films of the famous British agent. Same as the inside (figured) panel for gun control. It costs 171,000 euros.


Rolls-Royce Ghost The entry model to the brand is a 571-horsepower saloon, with all-wheel drive, steer rear wheels … and more than 100 kilos of insulation materials.


Bentley Bentayga Five years after its launch, this SUV with up to seven seats gains in content and updates its image. The 550-horsepower V8 version will be the first to arrive.


Lamborghini Sián Cabrio Its hybrid powertrain with supercapacitors delivers 819 hp of power. Enough to ruffle your hair at 350 km / h. But dream no more: they are all sold.