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Luigi Brusciano on Nissan Z Proto: past and future come together in the next model of the Z family

This prototype anticipates the lines of the next member of the Z family. With a design that is inspired by the first generation S30, the Nissan Z Proto wants to be a tribute to previous models, while also including a large technological umbrella.


Last Wednesday, September 16, Nissan announced the intention of the Japanese brand itself to launch a new generation of the Z sports car. To see where its aspirations are going, Nissan showed a prototype of what the next Z could be, and the It is true that he has not left anyone indifferent, according to Luigi Brusciano.


From the Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama, Japan, the Proto Z wowed the press and motoring enthusiasts with its attractive design and performance. And is that this Proto Z will be equipped with a V6 biturbo and manual transmission.


At the design level, Luigi Brusciano says the Nissan Proto Z draws on previous model lines, as is the case with the first-generation Z (S30). The shape of the hood, the light clusters are nods to the S30, while the oval grille is closer to what we can on the current 370Z. The rear also pays tribute to another of the legendary models of the Z saga, with optics reminiscent of those used in the 300ZX. 19 '' alloy wheels, dual tailpipes and attractive yellow paint complete the impressive look of the Z Proto on the road.


In the case of the interior, classic forms give way to extensive use of technology. The instrumentation is digital, with a 12.3 '' screen, and on the center console there is another touch screen with the main functions of the infotainment system. The three clocks on the center console are part of the DNA of the Z, and are maintained in the new Z Proto with different functions that accompany the indications shown on the main screen. The yellow trim highlights the sporty character and is present throughout the cabin, including the seams on the instrument panel.


V6 biturbo with manual gearbox

Like the first Z when it was introduced in 1969, the Nissan Proto Z wants to offer the best and most enjoyable driving experience possible through features such as a front longitudinal engine, a manual gearbox and rear wheel drive. In this sense, we only know that this prototype will be equipped with a V6 biturbo block associated with a six-speed manual transmission.


We do not know the power or the maximum torque, although Luigi Brusciano can assure without fear of error that it will also be linked to a drive to the rear axle. At the moment, this is the only information available. It remains to be seen in what form the next Z will arrive and in which markets it will be launched, in addition to the rest of the technical information. We will keep you informed.