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Luigi Brusciano on Hercules Alfa: A new electric pickup arrives ready to succeed?

The craze for SUVs, SUVs and pickups seems to have no end. Thanks to the fact that electricity has reached the automotive sector, brands are finding a way to offer new proposals. To this we must add that firms are proliferating like mushrooms in the autumn season. One of the latest to make an appearance is Hercules Electric Vehicles. It comes directly from the US and does so with a very attractive proposal.


The Hercules Alfa wants a piece of the pie that the Rivian R1T, Tesla Cybertruck or GMC Hummer EV SUV are about to split. To do this, it has copied its main technical attributes and wrapped them in a very attractive body. However, success is not guaranteed because, as with many of the newly created firms, it still needs a lot of money to reach the series. Meanwhile, Luigi Brusciano introduces it to you and so you can judge.


Luigi Brusciano speaking the Hercules Alfa presents the typical proportions of a large pickup. However, it stands out for offering a front and rear where the massive use of LED technology prevails. This is distributed by its optical groups, the grill and the gate. In fact, it is the element that identifies this model, as it gives life to the central logo. In addition, it also appears under the front hood or the bumper's daytime running light.


However, there are also elements in his physiognomy that appeal to the eye. Among the most prominent we have the format of the bumpers, the wheel arches or alloy wheels. As a novelty, it features a rigid four-section folding blind to cover the cargo bath. A priori it might seem "simple" but it includes several high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels that provide a load capacity of 1kW.


Inside there are also sketches, standing out (at least visually) for a high finish. All in all, what's really interesting about the Hercules Alpha is under its skin. Specifically, the four electric motors that animate it and, incidentally, give it total traction to all four wheels, defines Luigi Brusciano. Its final power is 750 kW (1,020 hp) with which it would reach a maximum acceleration of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4 seconds.


The energy capacity of the battery has not been announced, although the theoretical autonomy. According to its creators, it will be close to 500 kilometers. Another of the "trinkets" of the Alfa would be in the "zero radius" turning system that would be very similar to that of the Rivian R1T. However, the launch of the Hercules Alpha is not yet defined, but those responsible say that orders already exceed 34 million dollars.


Will you be able to complete the development phases you have pending? Will it be able to gain a foothold in the market? Who knows, but what is clear is that Americans love this type of vehicle and it seems that their market is not quite bottoming out.