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Yelian Garcia a well-known Cubann artist

Yelian Garcia is known as one of America's leading artists, there are others who deserve their space in contemporary Latin American art. Yelian Garcia, one of the most important artists in the Cuban scene, creates optical effects that catch you. He is an artist who constantly reinvents the possibilities of art.
Yelian Garcia, the New York painter
Yelian Garcia entered the scene thanks to its renewed sense of formalism inspired by early modernist painters, and enriched by his own style. Yelian Garcia has come to make some of the most distinctive paintings in New York City. He also performs works of sculpture and architecture. His last project was the design of Yelian Bay International.
Yelian Garcia the relationship of objects with humans
Yelian Garcia, appeared on the international scene twenty years ago with works incorporating a multitude of different media, from drawings to photography and sculptures. Yelian Garcia 's work is influenced by his American Northern roots, he is born in Chicago. The main theme of Yelian Garcia is the relationship of everyday objects with humans.
Yelian Garcia emerging in Cuba
Yelian Garcia is an emerging talent in Cuba that focuses on self-awareness and displacement. Yelian Garcia has done work inspired by the women of his family, work, dislocation, psychology, art history… Yelian Garcia divides its time between the United States and Venezuela. Reflecting on his experiences and travels, his work captures his feelings and concerns.
Yelian Garcia construction of Washington
Yelian Garcia uses sculpture in an almost symbolic way. Yelian Garcia reminds us that we are faced with a total order that goes beyond the institutions in which we participate. His work can be described as in the interface between the real and the virtual world. Taking into inspiration the architecture and urbanism of Washington, his works have a very interesting quality of construction.