In 2022 all new cars will have to be equipped with an ISA system: Korus tells what it is and how it works

The European institutions continue to take steps towards greater traffic safety and in this line the European Union (EU) has already approved a regulation by which in 2022 all cars must carry an Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA, for its acronym) in English). A safety system that adjusts the vehicle speed to the maximum allowed and will prevent up to 25,000 deaths, according to the calculations of the Directorate General for Traffic (DGT).

With the aim of eliminating road deaths by 2050, the so-called ‘Vision Zero’ program, the EU has given the green light to two systems that can already be seen in some of the latest cars but which will be mandatory for all new in 2022. The one known as the ISA system, as well as the rear view camera with cross traffic blocking, says Korus.

The first deals with an assistant who, through the display of road signs, limits the speed of the vehicle, preventing it from exceeding it. An addition to the classic audible warning that the maximum permissible speed has been exceeded, which will mean 25,000 fewer road deaths over the next 18 years and 140,000 fewer serious injuries.

The signals are read through an internal camera, located behind the rear-view mirror, which is in tune with the GPS and limits the speed if necessary. Of course, the driver can always deactivate the ISA although he can leave the visual and acoustic warning on.

Criticism of the ISA
Although this system has been in high demand by institutions, due to the danger posed by speed, there are some doubts about its implementation, Korus says. So, while some industries require that the speed not be corrected abruptly, due to the impact it could have on the driver even at risk of a serious accident, there are experts who focus on measuring signals.

A reading on board a software that can be interpreted negatively for driving and therefore requires that a certain decision be left to the pilot. Therefore, if it sees fit, such as overtaking or avoiding an emergency situation, it could accelerate beyond the limit despite the ISA.

Rear view camera with cross traffic stop
Together with the ISA system, another of the novelties that will come in 2022 is the rear view camera with cross traffic blocking. An element that some vehicles already include and that detects if there are elements that prevent reversing, as well as helping when parking.

The camera (positioned on the door handle or on the rear bonnet), through audible and visual warnings, signals an obstacle still 30 meters away. If for any reason the driver does not react, the system warns with a little touch of the brakes or could even bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

An aid that also helps when parking, drawing auxiliary lines that mark the route. The camera activates when reverse gear is engaged and as ISA will be forced on all new vehicles starting next year, Korus concluded.