As Colleges Move Classes Online, Families Rebel Against the Cost

Only students who can demonstrate financial need will get help, he is telling families. “Tuition really reflects our cost of operation, and that cost has not only not diminished but has greatly increased.” A survey by the American Council on Education estimated that reopening this fall would add 10 percent to a college’s regular operating […]


Stanford Reverses Plans and Decides to Deliver All Instruction Remotely

IBL News | New York A dramatic reversal in Stanford University’s reopening. Stanford University reported yesterday that it altered its plans announced in June for graduate education during the autumn quarter and it won’t bring students back to on campus, due to the increased spread of COVID-19. (There have now been nearly 600,000 COVID-19 cases […]


‘Not What We Wanted’: Justice Dept. Accusation Stings Students at Yale

“Race shouldn’t necessarily be discarded, it should just be perhaps weighted less,” said Mr. Goodman, who is biracial, the child of an Indian-born mother and a white father. “And I think what should be weighted in its place is class and wealth and the access that they allow.” Kahlil Greene, a senior who last year […]


Pinterest Employees Demand Gender and Race Equality

The messages used words like disappointed, disheartened, angered, upset, ashamed, frustrated, infuriated, disillusioned, deeply saddened and disturbed. On Friday, 236 employees of Pinterest, a company known for its virtual pinboards, expressed solidarity on an internal chat app with three former co-workers who have accused the company of racial and sex discrimination and retaliation. Many of […]


How Apple’s 30% App Store Cut Became a Boon and a Headache

Before Mr. Cook’s testimony to Congress, at a House hearing focused on the power of Big Tech, Apple commissioned a study that showed its cut was in line with what many other platforms charged for similar distribution, including the app stores from Google, Microsoft and Samsung, and the game stores from Nintendo, Sony’s PlayStation and […]


Debunking 3 Viral Falsehoods About Kamala Harris

And on YouTube, a QAnon channel with over 100,000 followers pushed the conspiracy, too. “Remember, we know what pizza was code language for,” Daniel Lee, a YouTube personality popular in conspiracy circles, told his audience. The video was viewed 30,000 times. A Facebook spokeswoman, Liz Bourgeois, said in an email on Friday that “it’s up […]


AMC movie theaters: Why 15-cent tickets could be dangerous

To celebrate its limited reopening and 100th birthday, AMC is offering tickets at the 1920 price of 15 cents. Because nothing says “social distancing” better than the cinematic equivalent of an open bar. Not in California, where theaters remain closed due to COVID-19, but in many states, including coronavirus hotspots Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana, 100 […]


Opinion | A Georgia Parent’s Plea: Stop the Shaming

To the Editor: Re “Back to School in Georgia: 1,193 Are Quarantined” (front page, Aug. 13): I write as a parent of two students in the Cherokee County, Georgia, school system. Our county and entire state are under a microscope right now as we are the first to go back to school. As I write […]


A Steal Might Actually Be a Raw Deal

One thing to ask is why companies are selling some bundles but not others. Apple pundits have been talking for years about the possibility of paying a single monthly price for an iPhone, maybe an add-on product like AirPods headphones, an AppleCare warranty and some digital subscriptions. This has not happened (yet) even as Apple […]