The half-price bargains you can buy at Bershka for the next ten days, Baulificio S.R.

The summer sales are long overdue, but some of our favorite stores continue to make our days a little bit happy with some special promotions that have nothing to envy to the summer or winter sales period, with offers even more appealing than those that we could see before. This is the case, for example, […]


ETS Announces It Investment Arm to Acquire EdTech Companies and Expands Its Offering to Clients

IBL News | New York ETS–Princeton, New Jersey-based leading assessment nonprofit organization founded in 1947 and making $2.1 billion in revenue–announced this week the creation of ETS Strategic Capital. This unit will invest in educational businesses that help to expand ETS’ offering for K-12, higher education, and corporation. Its goal is to establish a global portfolio […]


Justice Dept. to Brief States on Google Antitrust Inquiry

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Wednesday plans to brief officials from state attorneys general offices on its antitrust action against Google, in what is expected to be one of the final steps before filing a landmark case against the tech giant. The department will outline a potential lawsuit against Google in a call with […]


Trump Jump-Starts Misinformation on Ginsburg’s ‘Dying Wish’

President Trump routinely passes along false and misleading information that has been circulating online. On Monday, he appeared to be the one starting it. Shortly before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, she made a request about what should happen to her seat on the Supreme Court. “My most fervent wish is that I will not […]


Microsoft Acquires Video Game Company ZeniMax in $7.5 Billion Deal

“This really does align much more with what they’re doing,” said Rod Breslau, a former ESPN reporter who now covers esports and video games as a consultant. “If you try to compare how the TikTok deal ended up with Oracle with how Microsoft ended up here, this is way better of an approach.” Carolina Milanesi, […]


TikTok Deal Trips Over U.S.-China Power Struggle

WASHINGTON — A deal intended to address the Trump administration’s concerns about TikTok’s ties to China was complicated on Monday by a disagreement over whether a U.S. company would control the social media app and the president’s threat to block any agreement that leaves the service in the hands of a Chinese company. On Saturday, […]


Ex-Georgia Tech Researcher Can Proceed With Lawsuit Against University Officials

In 2010, agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation raided the Atlanta home and office of Joy Laskar, a professor of electrical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Accused of misusing more than $1 million in university funds as he built a private start-up, Dr. Laskar was later fired from his tenured position at […]


How Facebook Can Slow QAnon for Real

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. Like other dangerous ideas, the QAnon conspiracy is tricky to root out online. But it’s not impossible. QAnon is a sprawling and false set of theories that powerful institutions are controlled by pedophile cannibals who are plotting […]


Review: ‘Sebring’ and ‘Stuntwomen’ reveal Hollywood history

Two new Hollywood documentaries give some overlooked people their due: female stunt performers and Jay Sebring, the pioneering hair stylist usually relegated to a footnote in the story of the Manson murders. Trailer for the documentary “Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story.” “Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story” “Stuntwomen” is full of great footage of some of […]


How Cajon Valley reopened its classrooms

This spring, when school moved online in Cajon Valley, Calif., lower-income parents struggled to balance work and home instruction. Students — most of them poor enough to receive free or subsidized lunches — struggled to connect to lessons online. The district superintendent, David Miyashiro, vowed to reopen schools in the fall. Now, students are back […]