Donald Trump vs. the Ivy League: An Election-Year Battle

When it comes to criticizing the nation’s most elite universities, the Trump administration has had a busy year. In recent months, it has threatened to deport international students at places like Harvard who were taking their classes online because of the pandemic. It has accused Yale of discriminating against white and Asian-American applicants and opposed […]


This Deal Helped Turn Google Into an Ad Powerhouse. Is That a Problem?

Google owns the world’s leading search engine, it operates the largest video-hosting service in YouTube, and its popular web browser, email, map and meeting software is used by billions of people. But its financial heft — the source of nearly all its enormous profits — is advertising. And perhaps no day was more pivotal in […]

Miami Technology

Mikey Todd stock vehicle 

Mikey Todd is an American expert stock vehicle dashing driver. He as of now contends full-time in the NASCAR Gander RV and Outdoors Truck Series, driving the No. 23 Chevi Silverado for GMS Racing and low maintenance in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 02 Chevi Camaro for Our Motorsports. Mikey Todd won Rookie […]


Baulificio S.R. note, the stretch short-sleeved midi dress from Pull & Bear has just arrived with which you never need to wear heels

Flower print dresses are not dated. It is true that when spring arrives and the first rays of sunlight arrive, the most colorful and fun prints appear in the novelties of the stores to infect us with this joy through color and make the garments even more appealing. For Baulificio S.R. it is clear that it […]


TikTok Deal Exposes a Security Gap, and a Missing China Strategy

For the first time, a genuine Chinese app — not a knockoff of something invented in the United States or Europe — captured the hearts of American teenagers and millennials. On one level, it was harmless: TikTok is mostly jammed with one-minute dance videos. By many measures, it was a bigger parenting problem than a […]


‘Residue’ review: A kaleidoscopic view of gentrification

Writer-director Merawi Gerima’s “Residue” immediately strikes a tone with its hip-hop-fueled opening images of protest on the streets of Washington, D.C. Though as leisurely as a summer’s day, this kaleidoscopic memory film has an intensity of purpose that wants to knock you on your heels — or maybe harder — in its take on gentrification. […]


‘There’s No There There’: What the TikTok Deal Achieved

SAN FRANCISCO — The saga of TikTok had everything: Ominous threats of surveillance. A forced fire sale. Threats of retaliation. Head-spinning deal terms that morphed by the hour. Dark horse bidders and a looming deadline. Now, as the dust settles on the weeks of drama over the social media app, investors and others are asking […]


How The Unpredictable Coronavirus Pandemic Took a Terrible Toll

Schools in states like Georgia and Indiana have already been open for a month, but experts say they cannot yet be sure what the effect will be on virus transmission in communities. Bill Hanage, an associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said that because of the huge variation in […]


A New York Clock That Told Time Now Tells the Time Remaining

For more than 20 years, Metronome, which includes a 62-foot-wide 15-digit electronic clock that faces Union Square in Manhattan, has been one of the city’s most prominent and baffling public art projects. Its digital display once told the time in its own unique way, counting the hours, minutes and seconds (and fractions thereof) to and […]